Ottawa & Montréal

Here's a collection of photos from my five day trip to Ottawa and Montréal, beginning June 18th, 2018, and headed home on June 22nd 2018, lasting 5 days. I managed to shoot a lot during this trip, and I resulted with 73 final edited photos. The largest amount I had ever ended up with after a trip. I thought that was interesting.

Revisiting Ottawa was fun- I got to explore more than I previously had back in July 2014. The downtown is neat and tidy, a contrast to the worn urban landscape in Toronto I'd been accustomed to. Considering it's the capital of Canada, that should be expected.

Montréal was a whole new experience. The French and English language grey area was interesting, but very manageable. A lot of the time if you started an interaction with "hi," whoever you were talking to would assume you were just a silly English speaker. It was much appreciated. Montréal had an interesting European flavour that blended well with bustling urban centre and neighbouring streets.

I've labelled the dates and location for each day of photos, just for context.

▼ Spent the first day in Ottawa - June 18 2018

▼ Explored downtown Ottawa - June 19 2018

▼ Last morning in Ottawa - June 20 2018

▼ Arrived in Montréal

▼ Montréal - June 21 2018

▼ Last day in Montréal - June 22 2018

The Montreal Olympic Stadium made for some great shots.